About us


About us


About Us

Motivated by the passion for sport and bounded by camaraderie, the King- Vaughan Cycling Club offers a friendly environment for cyclists of all levels to improve their skills and get fit.  Welcoming individuals from all areas of the city, we primarily cycle around the northern parts of Vaughan and into King City, (long stretches of low traffic roads are very popular with cyclists from all over the GTA). With a selection of weekly group rides in the mountains or on the roads, there is no shortage of respect, guidance, and encouragement from those with a sincere desire to ride.

Ride Schedule

Tuesdays and Thursdays: Starting from Kipling Avenue & McMichael Avenue, Vaughan, 6:30 pm,

7:00 pm or 7:30 pm

Saturdays and Sundays: Starting from Potenza Cycle & Fitness, 8:00 am

Mondays and Wednesdays: Mountain Bike Rides, Meet at Potenza Cycle & Fitness, Time TBA





Our Rides

Our Rides


Road Rides

As we cover a large area of the northern part of the city, we will have two starting points for our group rides.  Riders may choose to start at Potenza Cycle and Fitness in Woodbridge, or at the intersection of Keele and King Vaughan Street.  Those who start at Potenza, will cycle the short 12km to the next meeting point at Keele and King Vaughan Street, (please see map below), at which point the group will start the major part of their ride.

Mountain Rides

Trail rides will have two starting points and will be dependant on the members.  Close to home, we have Centennial Park, Mountain Bike Trail system (Jane St. and Kingswood Park).  A little further out, we have the beautiful Albion Hills (exact meeting point to be confirmed).  Both rides will be fun, challenging, and a great way to escape the city.

Women's-Only and Youth Cycling 

The King - Vaughan Cycling Club has two sub-groups that provide specified group rides for women only and for youth.  These sub-groups were established to allow for a structured, friendly environment that promotes individuals to challenge themselves, to lead the pack, and to improve riding skills.  Group leaders will give instructions and guidance so that riders feel comfortable on the road, while consistently showing improvements.  We welcome riders of all levels to come out and learn new techniques, push themselves and enjoy the outdoors.


Ride Meeting Locations

Ride Meeting Locations


Potenza Cycle and Fitness, Woodbridge


 16500 Regional Rd 50, Caledon


Kipling Avenue & McMichael Avenue, Vaughan


Centennial Park, Jane and Kingswood Park


Road Etiquette

Road Etiquette

Cycling Etiquette

Cycling is a great experience, and when you are surrounded by others who enjoy it, it’s even better.  However, when you are outdoors, you are faced with more than just the wind and a few bumps in the road.  You are going at a fast pace and so is everyone else around you including the riders, cars, and trucks, and even the little critters that jump out from the side of the road.  This combined with potholes, and pedestrians, as well as egos and tempers, could make or break your ride (and possibly your bones).

We can all learn the rules of the pack in order to increase our safety and that of others.  The following guidelines and tips should be read and adhered to by all KVC2 group ride participants. 

More information on the Ontario Cycling and Highway Traffic Act, please click here.


Helmets – Every member of the club, regardless of age or ability, is required to wear a helmet.  Helmets are manufactured to meet strict safety guidelines.  Look for helmets that have a safety standards sticker and that are sold by a reputable retailer.  
The helmet should fit level and square on your head.  It should fit snugly and not slip when you move your head.

Bikes – Riders who ride on the road must use a road bike, and those who ride on the trails must use a mountain bike. 
If you are unsure or have any questions with regards to your bike or other equipment, please feel free to ask any of the ride leaders.

Road/ Trail Etiquette

Riding in a group requires special communication protocols including hand signals, special terminology, and rules that have to be understood and followed by all riders.  Please see these guidelines to learn the moves and understand the signals.

You can print out a copy of our Club Policy by clicking here.

General Group Cycling Guidelines

•    Always follow the guidelines of the ride leader.
•    Rides will be lead in single file or two by two where the road allows.
•    Never overlap wheels – keep at least one meter apart from other cyclists. 
•    When drafting ½ meter distance from the wheel and DO NOT ride directly on the wheel of the rider, please go to one side or the other. 
•    Never cross the yellow line. On roads without painted lines stay on one half of the road. On a 4+ lane road (2+ lanes in each direction) stay within the right-most lane and do not cross the dashed white line.
•    Ride 0.5 to 1.0 m away from the white line or edge of pavement to prevent possibly going off the road and onto the unpaved shoulder.
•    When you see someone committing a ride foul politely say something. We are all responsible for the quality of our rides. But be polite and do not yell.
•    Ride smooth and steady all the time. No sudden, abrupt movements or over reactions to potholes, road debris, etc.
•    On descents, do not pass a rider as this is dangerous and is discouraged.

Please review our Guidelines to ensure a safe ride always:

KVC2’s Ride Guidelines

KVC2’s Risk Management Guidelines